Husband Strangles Wife in Mumbai For Continuously Watching Videos Online on Mobile
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Mumbai, April 11: A 33-year-old husband from MIDC in Andheri strangled his wife as he was irritated with her phone addiction. His 22-year-old wife would constantly watch videos online on her mobile and in a fit of rage, he strangled her with a plastic rope. Chetan Chowgule, the husband went to the police station and surrendered himself, when he realised what he had done. The police have arrested him under section 302 (punishment for murder) of the Indian Penal Code. Gurugram Shocker: Husband Kills Wife by Bludgeoning Her Head With Stone After Heated Argument.

According to a report in Hindustan Times, a police officer mentioned that the husband and wife would be constantly fighting. On Tuesday night, they got into an argument when the wife, Aarti asked him for Rs 1000. Chowgule was already unemployed and told her he could not afford to give her any money. On the next morning, when Chowgule got up, he again saw his wife watching videos online. They again had an argument and in a fit of rage he strangled Aarti with a plastic rope. The couple has a two-year-old son. Man Kills Wife 'For Ignoring Kids', Says She Was 'Addicted to Facebook, WhatsApp'.

The son was sleeping next to Aarti. Chowgule tried waking up his wife and sprinkled water on her face. When she did not move, he realised what he had done. He headed to the police station at 4.30 am and surrendered himself. The incident took place at Chowgule's father's house in MIDC. The father was sleeping in the outside room, while his mother had gone to her maternal house, after a fight with Aarti.