Mangal Pandey 163rd Death Anniversary: Congress Remembers The Freedom Fighter Who Played a Pivotal Role in India’s First War of Independence
Managl Pandey (Photo Credits: PTI)

New Delhi, April 8:  On the death anniversary of Mangal Pandey, the Congress on Wednesday remembered India’s first freedom fighter. Taking to Twitter, the Congress paid homage to Mangal Pandey. "We pay homage to Mangal Pandey, a pivotal figure in the ‘First War of Indian Independence’. He spearheaded the ‘sepoy mutiny’ in Barrackpore which intensified the feelings of anger and frustration among Indian sepoys eventually leading to the war", the tweet read. This year, on April 8, the nation remembers the courageous leader on his 163rd death anniversary. Mangal Pandey 163rd Death Anniversary: 11 Interesting Facts About the Brave Freedom Fighter You Didn't Know Of.

The great freedom fighter was born on July 19, 1827 and breathed his last on  April 8, 1857. His execution was set for April 18, but British authorities, fearing the outbreak of a massive revolt if they waited until then, moved the date up April 8. He was a sepoy (sipahi) in the 34th Bengal Native Infantry (BNI) regiment of the British East India Company.

Here's the tweet:

Indians drew inspiration from Pandey’s rebellion and fought against the oppression of the British rule. Pandey was born in a town near Faizabad in what is now eastern Uttar Pradesh state in northern India and was from a high-caste Brahman landowning family that professed strong Hindu beliefs.  He had joined the army of the British East India Company in 1849, with some accounts suggesting that he was recruited by a brigade that marched past him.

Mangal Pandey's valour and commitment for the nation will be remembered for ever. In 1984, the government issued a postage stamp to remember him. His life and actions have also been portrayed in several cinematic productions.