Noida Shocker: 15-Year-Old Son Allegedly Murders Mom For Her 'Nagging Nature', Father Pleads For Mercy
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Noida, November 26: In a tragic incident, a father pleaded for mercy for his 15-year-old son accused of murdering his 50-year-old mother in Greater Noida village. According to a Times of India report, the teen is suspected to be mentally challenged and is one of the prime suspects in the case because he was in the same room, where his mother lay dead in a cot.

Police have found that the woman had a 'nagging nature' and would often irritate his son by waking him in the middle of his sleep and would ask him to get some tobacco for her. There have been frequent fights within the family because of her habit of chewing tobacco. However, she didn't do enough to mend her ways. Delhi Teen Kills Mother, Father And Sister; Police Say He Was Addicted to Online Game.

The father was in a state of shock ever since the incident and pleaded before the police if there was a way to minimise his son's punishment. However, he was informed that they are bound by law and he would be punished for committing a crime. His neighbours are also shocked because no one could imagine that the teenager could ever kill his mother.

In order to prove that the boy is medically upset, tests need to be done at the observation home. As per reports, the teenager had earlier been under heavy medication when he was bitten by a snake.