Onion Export Shut, Bangladesh Left Teary-Eyed; Visiting PM Sheikh Hasina Expresses Concern
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New Delhi, October 4: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, on a bilateral visit to India, raised the issue of onion exports while speaking at a public event organised by the Government of India. Hasina said she is not aware of the rationale behind the move to clampdown onion supply, adding that it has adversely impacted household kitchens and restaurants in her nation. 'NRC Not Matter of Concern, PM Modi Has Assured Me', Says Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina.

"Pyaaz mein thoda dikkat ho gaya hamare liye. Mujhe maloom nahi kyun aapne pyaaz bandh kar diya? Maine cook ko bol diya ab se khana mein pyaaz bandh kardo. (We are facing issues when it comes to onions. I don't know why you have stopped the exports. I have told my cook to not to use onion in the dishes)," Hasina told the gathering.

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Export of onions was banned by the Indian government on September 29. The decision was aimed at controlling the spiralling hike of bulb prices, which had jumped upto Rs 80 per kg in Delhi and other parts of India.

The move, however, has adversely affected Bangladesh, which is among the biggest importers of onions from India. Since the past week, onion prices have risen by nearly 200 per cent in the nation, as demand has superseded the amount of supply. Buyers of the vegetable bulb were left teary-eyed as the prices jumped to 136 takka per kg -- up from 45 takka till a few days back.

Exports from India are expected to resume after the prices of onion are firmly gripped under the affordable range in the domestic market. The subject is expected to feature in discussions between Hasina and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during their bilateral meeting on Saturday.