New Delhi, July 29: Indian National Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday congratulated Indian Air Force after Rafale fighter jets arrived in Haryana's Ambala Airbase this afternoon. The Congress leader, however, put down three questions for Prime Minister Narendra Modi government. Rafale Fighter Jets' Arrival in India: Congress Welcomes Induction of 'Omnirole' Aircraft by IAF, Accuses BJP of Scam in Purchase.

"Congratulations to IAF for Rafale. Meanwhile, can GOI answer: 1) Why each aircraft costs ₹1670 Crores instead of ₹526 Crores? 2) Why 36 aircraft were bought instead of 126? 3) Why was bankrupt Anil given a ₹30,000 Crores contract instead of HAL?" Rahul Gandhi tweeted. Rafale Fighters Land in India: PM Narendra Modi Welcomes Rafale Jets With This Patriotic Sanskrit Tweet.

Rahul Gandhi Tweet:

Earlier in the day, Congress party accused Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of scam while negotiating Rafale deal with France. "The Congress Rafale purchase would have ensured India receives 126 jets instead of BJP's 36. 108 Rafale jets would have been Made in India. India would have received the Rafale jets by approx 2016. Cost of each Rafale jet would have been Rs. 526 crore," the grand old party tweeted from the official Twitter handle.

Under the current with France, a total of 36 jets, including two squadrons, with part of Indian Air Force over a course of the next two years. The 36 Rafale combat jets have been brought a cost of around Rs 58,000 crores, meaning the government is spending over Rs 1,000 crores for one fighter plane.

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