Telangana: Quarrel Over Watching IPL Turns Violent, Man Gets Killed
Representational image | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Hyderabad, April 16: A quarrel which erupted between a man and his father-in-law over 'watching IPL' took a violent turn after the latter attacked him with a pair of scissors. The incident took place in Beeramguda village of Kamareddy district in North Telangana last Wednesday.

The son-in-law, who was being treated at a hospital in Hyderabad for the brutal injuries, succumbed to death on Saturday. Police claimed the deceased, identified as 25-year-old Mangali Venkat, was staying at his wife's home and working at the saloon of his father-in-law Bujjaiya.

Bujjaiya and Venkat were often involved in brawls, said the police. On the night when Venkat was killed, both were drunk which led to their fight over watching IPL.

While Bujjaiya was already watching a serial, Venkat raised hue and cry demanding him to switch to the sports channel.

In the brawl which ensued, Venkat was attacked with scissors near his neck, which severely damaged the nerve leading to his death, the police officials said.

Bujjaiya was arrested on Monday after the investigators booked him under murder charges (IPC Section 302).