Beauty Benefits of Turmeric: Achieve Clear & Glowing Skin with These DIY Home Remedies
Beauty benefits of turmeric. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Using turmeric or as popularly called 'haldi' in India has been an ancient practice. Our grandmothers always resorted to this kitchen spice when anyone fell unwell at home because of innumerable medicinal properties turmeric contains. Beyond its spectrum of providing health benefits, ever wondered what miracles turmeric powder can do as a beauty regime? This yellow spice has benefits beyond one's imagination, feel experts. Below we tell you ways in which you can incorporate this natural beauty ingredient in your skincare routine. Turmeric Health Benefits: Fighting Cancer, Preventing Diabetes and Other Reasons Why You Should Have This Curcumin-Rich Spice.

While it is an age-old practice, it is only recently that people are depending on natural ingredients. With the number of growing chemicals in makeup products, people are refraining from using them. Using natural ingredients on skin like turmeric reduces risks of allergies or other side effects. Vrunda Lotlikar, Ayurveda expert, Birla Ayurveda lists some beauty benefits of turmeric. Make Your Skin Look Younger With These Simple Kitchen Ingredients!

Know the Beauty Benefits of Turmeric

1. De-pigmentation: Application of turmeric with honey and lemon on the face for 20 minutes clears blemishes and reduces hyper-pigmentation. A paste of turmeric powder, triphala and chandana mixed with rose water acts as a natural defoliator and removes hyper-pigmentation marks from the body. Apply this paste thrice a week before bathing. For de-tanning, boil coconut oil with two rhizomes of turmeric powder. Daily application of this restores natural glow of the skin.

2. Cures acne: Due to its anti-bacterial properties, turmeric is very effective in treatment and prevention of acne. It helps in destroying the acne causing bacteria, while also removing excess oil from the skin. Application of paste of turmeric, sariva (hemidesmus indicus), manjistha chandan (ruba cordifolia), yashtimadhu (liquorice) and neem over the face for half an hour clears blocked skin pores, improves facial blood circulation and prevents acne.

3. Lighten skin: Turmeric is popularly used to successfully lighten the skin. A lightening face mask can be made by mixing turmeric with lemon juice. The natural skin-bleaching properties of lemon and the anti-oxidant properties of turmeric make it a powerful boosting combination.

4. Cracked heels: Possessing great healing properties, turmeric can be used to soften heels. Application of aloe vera pulp with a pinch of turmeric over the heels soothes burning sensation of soles and heals cracked soles. For smooth heels, add a few drops of turmeric oil in two table spoons of coconut or castor oil and apply it over cracked heels every night.


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Abhijit Narayanan, Senior Medical Officer, Dhathri Ayurveda Hospital, Kayamkulam also lists some benefits:

5. Reduces stretch marks: Apply a paste of turmeric powder with khadir and triphala, mixed with almond oil three to four times a week before bathing. This helps in reducing stretch marks, reduces laxity of skin and tones the skin.

6. Prevents wrinkles: Turmeric prevents reduction in skin elasticity caused due to chronic UVB exposure. It helps in healing and also slows the ageing process, keeping the skin supple and diminishing wrinkles. Apply a paste of turmeric powder mixed with yogurt. Rinse with water thoroughly after 20 minutes. Use this mask thrice a week for one month to notice an evident enhancement in your skin.

Now that you know the various beauty benefits of turmeric, we are sure it is going to be your go to ingredient for your next skincare routine. Also, it is an easily available and accessible product that comes at almost no cost. Let us know in comments if you try any of the following methods using turmeric.

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