Michelle Vogrinec (@michelle.vogrinec) helps her clients with business and marketing planning, strategies, and tactics. She focuses on being client-centered, ensuring customer connection, maintaining the human elements in a world full of automation to help build brands.

 Michelle has been in business for over twenty years and marketing for nearly thirty! She was the co-founder of GAIA natural baby, the iconic Australian baby skincare brand that started in the kitchen in 2002, from the ground up to business sales in 2019.  It was stocked in over 5,000 retailers nationwide and sold all over the world.  During her seventeen-year journey, Michelle has faced many challenges, failures, successes, and heart-warming moments.

 After taking some time off, she re-emerged and now spends her time as a coach, mentor, and teacher of all things business and marketing.  Michelle shares her wisdom and experience to help solopreneurs and small business operators connect with their customers, create a trusted brand, and build strong business foundations for long-term, sustainable business growth.

 Michelle says, “Understanding your numbers is critical to long-term business success, and I see so many business owners just winging it in this area, things like mistaking ROAS and ROI as profit.  If you want to be profitable and around for the long term, you need to understand how to price your product correctly, account for outgoings, and understand your profit margins.  It is not just about how well you sell your wares”. 

 She offers a hybrid coaching option, combining 1:1 with the benefits of group elements. Additionally, she supports her clients with business and marketing strategies, helping them clarify their business direction, marketing options and navigate their roadmap to success. 

 Michelle’s mission is to make a difference, positively impact people, and encourage them to live with intention, which helps her clients align with their vision and achieve more personally and professionally.