Author and celebrity fitness trainer Tony Deoleo is pleased to announce the release of his next book, CLOSING 100% OF YOUR FITNESS CONSULTATIONS. After conducting over 40,000 fitness consultations, Deoleo began to take note of emerging trends that showed most new fitness professionals have a 90% chance of failing in their chosen career due to lack of business acumen. He hopes that this guide will empower readers to reform their fitness training offerings and create more efficient, streamlined, and successful programs.
In CLOSING 100% OF YOUR FITNESS CONSULTATIONS, Deoleo highlights the importance of expending effort wisely to achieve the maximum possible impact. Deoleo’s strategy promotes incremental growth by teaching fitness professionals how to generate consistent leads and convert prospects into clients. Instead of clinging to outdated methods, Deoleo challenges antiquated business models and demonstrates how a modern market requires modern, competitive strategies.
Deoleo draws upon his 21-year career as a fitness expert and business coach to deliver a simple guide that any trainer can use to improve their customer engagement outcomes. Instead of solely focusing on fitness, Deoleo urges fitness professionals to teach clients about the role of exercise in heart health and overall wellness. Showing prospective clients the value of physical fitness in quantifiable terms makes it easier to convince them to make a meaningful lifestyle change.
CLOSING 100% OF YOUR FITNESS CONSULTATIONS is sure to appeal to a broad variety of readers. Fitness professionals or gym owners can use Deoleo’s guidance to upgrade their businesses and identify areas of future growth. The general population can also benefit from Deoleo’s insights by increasing their understanding of what a comprehensive fitness program should include.
Deoleo hopes that sharing his personal knowledge and experience with a wider audience will improve the fitness industry and raise awareness of best practices. CLOSING 100% OF YOUR FITNESS CONSULTATIONS is designed to help fitness professionals of any experience level pursue a successful and lasting career.
Tony Deoleo is an author and celebrity trainer with a passion for helping other fitness professionals maximize their business potential. Through research and extensive travel, Deoleo has committed himself to understanding his field and the common challenges facing fitness professionals. Former clients include the likes of Eva Longoria and a few cast members of the TV series General Hospital. He can be found online at
CLOSING 100% OF YOUR FITNESS CONSULTATIONS is available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. The eBook version can be found on Amazon, and Kindle Unlimited users will be delighted to know that this title is available in the Kindle Unlimited program. The paperback version can be purchased at