Michael Newman was one of the standout chefs on the most recent season of  "MasterChef: Legends" with Gordon Ramsay. And although he didn’t win, Michael walked away as a fan favorite and someone Vegans worldwide were cheering on!

From being on the show, to whether or not Gordon is mean in real life, to now being a social media relationship/health star alongside his wife, we caught up with Michael for all the juicy details.

How has your time on MasterChef: Legends with Gordon Ramsay changed your life?

 MasterChef: Legends with Gordon Ramsay changed my life because it opened my eyes to the value of constructive criticism.  Whether it be helping people sexually or personally through our lifestyle brand JerseyStyle, my Michelin star style of cooking in the kitchen, or helping myself in my own personal relationships.  It all comes down to being open and honest with yourself.  This openness will give you the ability to honestly reevaluate yourself and make yourself a better person in all aspects of your life. 

What was your favorite moment from the show? Any behind the scene stories you can share?

 My favorite moment from the show was when master baker, Chef Sherry Yard, who was one of the Legendary guest judges during the competition. During that episode, I made an amazing Italian cannoli cake with chocolate ganache. That cake landed me in the Top 4 of that episode. During the judging of that cake, one of my idols, Joe Bastianich said and I quote, “All you had to do was add Sambuca and Marlboro Lights and I’d be sitting with my grandfather eating it because that’s what it reminded me of, really good job Michael!” Coming from one Italian to another, I couldn’t ask for a more flattering compliment than the one he gave me. I will never forget it. 

The most endearing behind the scenes things I can share would be the comradery between the cast, crew, and the legendary judges who were always kind, courteous, and treated us all with the utmost respect.

 Is Gordon really as "mean" as he comes off to be?

 Contrary to what many may believe Gordon is like, he was kind, gentle, and very complimentary. While I was a contestant on the hit Fox culinary competition, MasterChef, Gordon was completely opposite of the mean and arrogant personality that many including the media portray him to be. 

Would you ever do another cooking or reality show again?

 I would 100% absolutely compete on another cooking competition or any type of reality show that may be presented to me in the future. Being a contestant on MasterChef taught me so much about myself and the next time I’m casted on any show (manifesting it into the Universe) I know there is plenty more I can learn about myself. Remember, if you’re not learning, then you are not growing. 


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Aside from cooking you are a life coach and relationship expert. What tips can you give people who are struggling right now during the pandemic? 

Aside from just cooking, the lifestyle tips that I suggest whether it’s during a pandemic or not would be:

Listening and connecting with your partners every need and desire. That is one of our top tips to having a healthy, happy, sexual, and open relationship.

Being physically and emotionally healthy will help anyone who is struggling during this unique pandemic. Simple things to create a healthy lifestyle include working out, eating foods to nourish your soul, meditation, and an adventurous active sex life.

Relieving stress and the #1 stress reliever would be to have an orgasm with yourself “no shame in self pleasuring” or with your partner/lover.

Give and receive hugs because the power of a hug is immeasurable.

On social media your 'JerseyStyle' brand is growing. Why do you feel people love watching you and your wife Basia?

Our JerseyStyle social media brand is growing and people love to watch and follow us because we keep it 100% authentically real all the time.  Being a brand and sharing a joint account as a couple, we are able to give a perspective from both sides of the spectrum, the male side and the female side not that you need to be a heterosexual couple to benefit from our advice. We don’t hold back when it comes to our own relationship so we believe people want to see that our relationship isn’t “perfect” as a lot of social media accounts would like to have you believe. We think this is our strongest asset on our social media platforms.

What's next for you from here? 

Being CEO’s of our lifestyle brand, JerseyStyle LeRisqué, it opens up many different opportunities to help others. What we believe is next for us is hosting various workshops such as introduction to Tantric practices, LIVE cooking classes, fitness workouts, which also helps promote a healthier sex life, relationship coaching, etc.   We also see JerseyStyle being a leading brand internationally.  We can also envision ourselves hosting a lifestyle show, traveling the world, discovering and tasting new and exotic foods in helping people make the connection between how these foods can help them in their own personal lives. By doing this, then we will be able to help others achieve their life goals.