Monsoon Makeup Tips: 7 Tips To Make Your Makeup Last Longer in the Rains
It is best to go for minimalist makeup in the monsoons. (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

It may not be the best idea to wear layers of makeup during the monsoons. It is that season when "going natural" becomes the most favourable beauty trend. But a little bit of makeup only pumps up the mood and makes you feel better through the day, right? The rains may not be a good news in that case, but it is not something that can't be dealt with. Simply following a set of smart beauty tips, you can look as wonderful in the monsoon as a bright sunny day or a warm October afternoon.

The major havocs that the rains create is washing away the makeup, making your hair and skin dry; also, due to the humidity and dust, the hair and skin tend to get patchy, rough and irritable. Applying makeup over it can only worsen the situation. While it is better to go with the minimalist trend, it is also crucial to know the basic beauty hacks you can follow to enhance your monsoon look, without going overboard with makeup.

Start Right

Start with the basics. Make sure you wash your face thoroughly with a mild soap before putting on makeup. Then to reduce skin sensitivity, take an ice cube and rub it across your face gently for 5-10 minutes. This makes your face ready to hold the makeup longer.

No Foundation

Ditch the foundation and rather opt for a face powder/dust or a basic talc as the base for your makeup. The foundation won't stay long during the rains.

Choose the Right Blush

Go for a powder blush instead of a cream blush. Blushes form the top layer of your makeup. The powder blush will stay longer and won't form creases and disappear in the moisture that your skin soaks from the air.

Waterproof Options

Your eye makeup will be the first thing to suffer once it starts raining. Stick to only waterproof mascara, kohl and liners. Waterproof mascara is tougher to wipe off but who is a fan of smudgy eyes, eh?

Pop Your Lips

While you go for minimum makeup, jazz it up with a bright lip colour. You can also go for neon shades. Shades like red, wine, pink and orange do a great job in boosting your overall appearance. It is advisable to apply matt lip colours during the monsoons.

Brow Low

Just like your hair, the brow also tends to get dry and rough. It is best to not use the eyebrow pencil during monsoons because they can smudge in the rains due to water and moisture. Also, make sure you get your brows done more frequently during the rainy season.

Hair Up

Dandruff and dry hair and, frizz and roughness are some of the most common hair problems during the monsoons. It is best to minimise the hair's contact with dust and rain and tie them up. Monsoon is the best time to experiment with tie-up hairstyles like braids, top-buns and ponytails.

Just follow these simple beauty hacks, dress right and be monsoon ready in an instant.