Monsoon skincare is way underrated and ignored. Your skin requires something new every season. One cannot continue to handle their skin the same way as they did in winters or summer. Monsoon calls for different products and different requirements. We often complain about how our skin deteriorates in monsoons but we’re unaware how to manage and balance that. Monsoon Hair Care 2019: From Hair Fall to Dandruff, How to Say Goodbye to Hair Problems During Rains.

Soap and face wash just doesn’t cut this monsoon. Upgrade your routine with simple steps to maintain perfect skin throughout the season. Give yourself something extra this monsoon and pamper your skin with these simple tips, that hardly require any time. Monsoon Makeup 2019: Tips and Tricks to Make Your Makeup Last Throughout a Rainy Day.

Here’s a list of five skincare changes you need this monsoon!

Don’t forget the sunscreen

The most amateur mistake is to skip sunscreens because the sun isn’t out. Stop with that mentality. The harmful UV rays can get you regardless. So lather your sunscreen on before you step out of the house. If you think using sunscreen only in summers and saving it for after monsoon is a good idea, here’s some news for you. Your sunscreen will expire before you get to the last squeeze!


It’s no secret rainwater can cause a lot of harm. From fungal infections to drying out and acne. Rainwater is no Bueno for your skin. Get all the monsoon gunk out of your skin once you get home. Don’t exfoliate every day but try twice a week to maintain that summer glow even on gloomy days. Try DIY scrubs with ground coffee and coconut oil.

Tone every night

Do you know why your skin is dull every monsoon? Because the ph balance is off. Rainwater is too acidic and it messes with your skin’s ph level. Use your favourite toner every morning after face wash and before your makeup routine. And don’t forget toner before bed either. Use rose water if you haven't found your holy grail toner yet.

Eat fruits

Fruits help restore the dehydration everyone faces in monsoon. Although the days feel colder, the humidity increases in monsoon. This leads to dehydration. If you struggle to drink enough water in monsoons, try consuming fruits instead. Fruits will also provide extra benefits.

Shower the moment you get home

Rainwater not only makes your skin dull, but it can also cause loads of health issues. You might end up with fungal infections if you don't clean up the dirt of monsoon weather as soon as you get home. So make sure you scrub your skin well with anti-bacterial soaps the moment you’re home.

Don’t forget to stick to sunscreen no matter what and follow these tips. These can help you manage your skin and need absolutely no efforts. If most of these tips require little to no money, making them budget friendly. These tips also work for every age group.

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