Varun Dhawan Steps Out Looking Like Shah Rukh Khan From Raees At The Lux Golden Rose Awards 2018 Red Carpet And We Are Impressed!
Varun Dhawan attends the Lux Golden Rose Awards looking like Raees. Picture Courtesy: Instagram

The Lux Golden Rose Awards 2018 took place on a Sunday night and found its red carpet grace some of the most gorgeous beauties from the industry. Of course, men also donned their dapper best because everybody likes to dress up well at an awards function. Amid them was a certain star that caught our fancy, especially because he aped another big celebrity's style in a decent manned. Varun Dhawan walked the red carpet with Shah Rukh Khan's Raees glasses and won our hearts!

Varun Dhawan, who has always been particular about wearing impeccable style, didn't budge from trying something new. Wearing a debonair Roberto Cavalli patterned suit, the actor completed his look with some interesting accessories. Apart from a fine pocket watch from Brooks Brothers and pristine shoes from Louboutin Homme, he rounded off the look with a pair of glasses. Now we've never seen him in glasses but this one surely reminded us of Shah Rukh Khan's Miya Bhai act in Raees. Needless to say, he did manage to pull it off as it matched perfectly with his dashing looks and didn't bring down the pizzazz of the ensemble.

Having rocked jumpers and bomber jackets in the past, Varun has had a good run in the style department. And he continues to try new things that can be emulated by his fans! This one though, surely seems like he was the fan emulating another big star and clearly have a good time aping SRK 'cause who doesn't? During the awards function, the actor had a performance to which he brought his SOTY co-star Alia Bhatt to dance to the tunes of Badrinath Ki Dulhania!