Would You Buy Goth Crocs With Spikes and Chains For Rs 18000? The Internet is Obsessed!
Goth crocs (Photo Credits: Twitter)

As fashion trends keep changing every few seasons, a new trend has caught up the classic casual shoes, the crocs. The comfortable pair of shoes have got a goth makeover! Goth crocs which have spikes and chains are being sold on the internet and people are loving the new adaption. The shoe has got a hardcore makeover, so its no more casual but typically gothic. The new pairs are now available on online store Etsy and people can't stop praising the goth trend despite its high price. The goth pair is priced at Rs 18000 but the internet is loving them. ‘T-Shirt Shirt’ for Over Rs. 80 Thousand! Luxury Brand Balenciaga’s New Bizarre Fashion Idea Gets Trolled on Social Media.

These goth crocs were designed by @garbage_b0y and are sold by American company Heavey Cream. They are available at different prices depending upon your version of the spikes, chain, or both together. While the basic black shoe costs £190.60 (Rs 17,200), the goth ones cost £206.48 (Rs 18,600). The Goth shoes have an ankle chain made with high sheen stainless steel and the spikes are nickel plated. Janties, New Denim Underwear Gets a Thumbs Down From Twitterati (Check Pics and Tweets).

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The Goth version has got much appreciation from people. Everyone wants to buy this comfort casual with a gothic appeal. Check how the internet reacted.

Not an April Fools' Prank

Modern-day Cinderella Loves Goth


Punning on Punk-Croc?

Much Needed

The shoes have become viral on social media with more and more people loving the goth feel and wanting to immediately own them. Although they are pricey, everyone seems to get their hands or rather their feet in them.