Gujarat Day (also known as Gujarat Sthapana Divas or Gujarat State Formation Day) is observed annually on May 1 to celebrate the formation of the state of Gujarat. In 1960, the state of Bombay was divided into Maharashtra and Gujarat based on linguistics after the Bombay Reorganization Act, 1960, came into effect. Here is everything you need to know about the date, significance and history of the formation of the state of Gujarat. Maharashtra Day 2022 Date, History & Significance: Everything You Need To Know About Maharashtra Din or Maharashtra Formation Day.

Date of Gujarat day 2022

As mentioned, Gujarat Day or Gujarat Sthapana Divas is celebrated on May 1. In 1960, the state of Gujarat was formed after the separation of the Bombay State. Gujarat Day 2022 will be celebrated on May 1.

History And Significance

The idea of a separate state for the Gujarati speaking people was first raised in 1928 in a magazine called Kumar. Writer and independence fighter KM Munshi first advocated the Mahagujarat concept. The proposal was presented during a conference of the Gujarat Sahitya Sabha, which was held in Karachi in 1937. Gujarat's map was first published in a journal accompanying Devshavji Parmar's poem 'Uthtrishta Jagrat.'

When the States Reorganization Act of 1956 went into effect, it formed state divisions based on the languages spoken. The state of Bombay was established for individuals who spoke the following languages: Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, and Kutchi, which were divided into two linguistic divisions. A movement was introduced to separate the state of Bombay, and a Bombay Reorganization Act was enacted in Parliament on April 25 1960. The act came into effect on May 1, which gave birth to the two states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Gujarat is often referred to as the 'Jewel of Western India', and the state has played an essential role since the British Rule in India.

Celebrations of Gujarat Day 2022

Gujarat Day is celebrated with a lot of grandeur, and various events are held in remembrance of the history of the state and to commemorate the rich culture and the language of Gujarat. It is also a Public holiday in Gujarat.

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