Maharashtra Day commemorates the formation of the Indian state of Maharashtra in 1960. It is a regional public holiday in the state of Maharashtra. Also known as Maharashtra din, the day observes the day the Bombay Reorganization Act,1960, came into effect. Here is everything You need to know about Maharashtra Day, from the date and history to celebrations of the grand day. Why Is 'Maharashtra Day' and 'Gujarat Day' Celebrated on May 1 Which Also Commemorates May Day? Everything You Need to Know.

Date of Maharashtra Day 2022

It is a regional public holiday celebrated every year on May 1. Maharashtra Day marks the occasion when the Bombay Reorganization Act of 1960 came into effect, which led to the formation of the state of Maharashtra. May 1 is celebrated internationally as International Workers’ Day, but that is different from the meaning and celebration of this day. Maharashtra Day 2022 will be celebrated on May 1.

History And Significance of Maharashtra Day

After gaining freedom from colonial rule in 1947, the princely states and unions had to be divided and reorganized based on language. This is when the States Reorganization Act of 1956 came into force, and it defined the division of states based on the languages spoken. A Bombay state was formed for people speaking the following languages: Marathi, Konkani, Gujarati, and Kutchi, which distinguished into two major linguistic groups.

Due to the emergence of significant differences in the two different languages group, a movement was introduced to divide the Bombay State into two different states. The Bombay Reorganization Act was enacted in the parliament in 1960 on April 25. It came into force on May 1 1960, giving birth to the two states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, both of which attained statehood.

Maharashtra Day celebrates the rich legacy and culture of the Marathi people and the language.

Celebrations of Maharashtra Day 2022

Maharashtra Day is celebrated by hosting cultural events, folk dances and commemorating the Marathi culture. A grand parade takes palace in Shivaji Park, Dadar, where the Governor gives a speech. Multiple projects and campaigns are announced by the Government of Maharashtra this day. People also draw special Maharashtra Din rangoli designs to celebrate the day.

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