Halloween 2019 Costume Ideas: Google Reveals Eeriest Outfit Searches for the Spooky Festival, Check Out Top-10 List From ‘It’ to ‘Chucky’!
Pennywise and Chucky (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ YouTube)

Halloween is here, and so are the most-searched spooky costumes, revealed by the search giant, Google. Whether you are a last-minute shopper or perhaps looking for some inspiration, the list of Google’s most-searched Halloween 2019 costumes will sure help you. The search engine has released its annual edition of ‘Frightgeist’ which analysed the search data throughout September to come up with some eerie conclusion for the festival. It, Chucky, Witch, Devil, Vampire, Zombie and even the dark character Joker made it to the list. But it is not just them, but also characters from fairy tales and superheroes, the list of Google’s Halloween most-searched costumes shows a variety of interests among the users. If you are still confused about deciding what to wear or have chosen your outfit and willing to see how much impact it will make, check out the top 10 list here. Maleficent Halloween 2019 Costume Idea: Easy DIY Ways to Dress like the Mistress of Evil on October 31. 

Most-Searched Last-Minute Costume Ideas:

1. It

Yes, the frightening Pennywise’s outfit tops the list. It appears that people have some great spooky adventures to make and scare the s**t out of their Halloween guests.

2. Witch

Honestly, we are not surprised. The costume of a witch is the most easiest of all. Just throw in a black dress and a witch hat and call it Halloween. But you don’t prefer to go basic, right? From the classic Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz to the badass ladies of American Horror Story: Coven, pop culture has provided with mystical and bewitching ladies.

3. Spider-Man

Tom’s Holland’s Peter Parker is one of those favourite characters of all, when it comes to superheroes. Both adults and kids can dress up like the Avenger character. To make it more interesting, try out the Iron Spider suit from the latest film, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

4. Dinosaur

The inflatable dinosaurs have always ruled the internet. Walking around in a full-length, extra tall costume of the prehistoric creature in a room full of people, holding the champagne glass is just what you need to get your Halloween party started.

5. Descendants

Costumes inspired by the Disney show, Descendants is the fifth-most searched option in Google. Children loved the movie, and the four of the iconic villain kids is the best option to try on for the spookiest festival.

6. Clown

Clown has always been the most common outfit idea for Halloween. Whether you want to make it spooky or silly, the costume will make you a good company at the party.

7. Fortnite

The popular video game was likely to inspire many costumes. The video game took the world by storm last year, and its craze is not going to end anytime soon.

8. Chucky

The creepy doll-turned-killer seems to encourage many to spice up the Halloween. Not with evil intentions, of course, but with the costume. Look just like the freaky figurine for your themed party this year. Halloween 2019 Costume Ideas for Dogs: Dog Dressed As The Nun Is Best Last-Minute Hack to Dress Your Pet for the Spookiest Festival. 

9. 1980s

Nostalgia is in full swing. The 80s inspired dresses give you a range of ideas that are quick to make and rock your costume game for Halloween.

10. Unicorn

Thanks to Google’s data, people still opt to look less scary during Halloween, and that is when Unicorn inspired costumes comes in. Look a little more magical by getting a sparkling unicorn horn and pair it with the all-white dress. From Dance Inspos to Costume and Makeup Ideas, TikTok Users Give You All Inspiration for The Spook Fest. 

The above are the top ten most-searched costume ideas on Google that people has been insanely looking for. To check out the rest of the searched Halloween 2019 outfits, click here. Enjoy the spookiest festival wearing the scariest costume ever.