Happy International Men's Day 2018: These Funny Memes and Jokes on Men's Day Are Relatable!
International Men's Day memes (Photo credits: Twitter)

November 19 is marked as International Men's Day. But very few would be aware of this day being observed because it does not create as much hype. The day is celebrated to promote awareness of male health, the discriminations that take place and also initiate discussion about gender relations. The day has been observed since the year 1998 and about 60 countries celebrate this day. This year the theme for International Men's Day 2018 is ‘Positive Male Role Models’. But any significant day has its share of jokes and memes made on it. And the fact that Men's Day does not create any buzz like the Women's Day is a target of many jokes online. You can share these as Men's Day wishes with your best friends or brothers.

On International Men's Day, there are discussions held on positive role models and their contributions to society. There is an emphasis on the discrimination faced by men along with promoting gender equality. The month of November also has 'No Shave November' which raises awareness on the mental health of males. International Men's Day 2018: Let Us Break These Male Gender Stereotypes That Exist in Society. 

Check some of the Funny Jokes and Memes Made on International Men's Day 2018

Men are here

When Men Realise it's Men's Day!

Well, well! 

And some are confusing it with Meme day! 

There is not much as discussion even online and we can see how men's day is also confused as meme's day. Anyone who relates to this fact that Men's Day does not get as much importance will relate to these memes. Go ahead, share them with your friends and wish them a Happy International Men's Day 2018.