Hindi Diwas For an English News Editor: The Dilemma of Hinglish Headlines
Hindi Diwas 2018 (Photo Credits: File Image)

I am an English News Editor. But every time I see my Hindi news team coming up with headlines, something in me feels jealous and I cringe. Somehow the punch that you get out of those Hindi headlines and news pieces always remain missing in their English counterparts. Being an English news journalist in India is emotionally hard. You have to contain your excitement and emotion every time there's some news. That's something that Hindi news writers may not have to do in most cases. Hindi Diwas 2018: History, Significance of The Day; Is Hindi Losing Its Relevance to English Today?

Let me explain it with an example from just last week. So the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was all out against Congress President Rahul Gandhi while he was on Kailash Mansarovar Yatra. While he tweeted out photos and videos from the Yatra, trolls, as well as the BJP, questioned if his yatra was even for real. Hindi Diwas 2018 Speeches for Students: Best Lines to Deliver in Matrubhasha on 14th September

One such instance happened when images of Rahul Gandhi posing with pilgrims went viral over the social media and Union Minister Giriraj Singh pointed out that the "chhadi ki parchhai" was missing from one of the photographs. Singh wrote on Twitter, "ये तो फ़ोटोशॉप है ...छड़ी की परछाईं ग़ायब है ।" This translates to "This is photoshop, where is the shadow of the walking stick?" Now tell me, would you have gone for "Shadow of the walking stick" or "Chhadi ki parchhai"? I did exactly what you would have done and Hinglishified the headline to accommodate "Chhadi ki parchhai". Here's that story.

That's the power of Hindi. As an Indian reader, you immediately connect with these words and want to read them. Hindi ki baat hi alag hai!

Here's wishing you all more punch and power with Hindi on Hindi Diwas!