International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day is observed on July 6. The observance originated in the United Kingdom and is now celebrated across countries. The day is designated for kissing to popularise the simple yet forgotten pleasures associated with kissing. It also popularises kissing as a social formality which is popular in many societies. Kissing is an expression of intimacy that comes from love. Kissing Day is also observed on February 13, a day before Valentine's Day, as a part of Valentine Week. However, this observance is a stand-alone one which spreads the joy of kissing. Types Of Kiss And What They Reveal About How Your Partner Feels For You.

International Kissing Day celebrates kissing as one of the most enjoyable activities that play an important role in different cultures. Whether it is a quick friendly peck on the cheek or a long passionate one with partners, International Kissing Day celebrates it all. International Kissing Day was established in 2006 to focus on kissing lovers. A List of 10 Lip-Smacking Facts About Kissing.

In some countries, events are organised across countries to celebrate kissing among lovers. While due to COVID-19 pandemic, such events cannot be held, you can still celebrate the day with your partner if you are living with them. However, you both do not live in the same house it is advisable to not visit your lover as puts both you and them at risk during the crisis situation. There are various dos and don'ts of kissing and it is important we as responsible people follow it. Ensure your partner wants to get intimate with you and ask for consent. There are various types of kissing so indulge in the one you and your loved one is comfortable in. We wish you a Happy International Kissing Day!

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