Types Of Kiss And What They Reveal About How Your Partner Feels For You
Forehead kiss (Photo credits: Pixabay)

There is nothing like a passionate kiss. A kiss can tell what kind of chemistry you share with your partner, but it's not always about finding that steamy lip-lock. There are other types of kisses like one on the forehead or the cheek that deserve your attention. In fact, the first kiss can offer a little insight into your future relationship as it can reveal a lot more about your partner and their feelings towards you. Here's how you can tell what your partner feels for you based on the kisses.

1. On The Forehead

A forehead kiss goes on to show that your partner has a deep, real connection with you. If you are getting a lot of forehead kisses, you can say that your partner is genuine. It's also your partner's way of telling you that they are protective and supportive of you. This type of kiss has more to do with emotional feelings rather than sexual intimacy. A List of 10 Lip-Smacking Facts About Kissing

2. On The Cheek

If you are getting kisses on your cheeks exclusively, they may not be sexually or romantically attracted to you. Yes, those pecks on your cheeks are undoubtedly cute, but you might be friend-zoned. Depending on the situation, it could also mean that your partner has other things in mind apart from physical intimacy.

3. On The Neck

If they are kissing you on your neck, they are trying to tempt or tantalise you, waiting for you to show your vulnerability. The neck is a highly erogenous spot, so if they are kissing you there, it probably means that they are waiting to get you to the bed. From French Kiss to Reverse Kiss, Here Are the Most Romantic Types of Smooches You Can Try This Valentine Week.

4. On The Stomach

A kiss on the stomach signals that your partner feels very comfortable and close to you. It also means that they are sexually attracted to you since the stomach brings them closer to other intimate areas. If someone is just in for a fling, they will likely pull off this kissing technique.

5. All Over The Body

If they like kissing you all over the body, know that they are just too much into you. Kissing all over your body is a sign that your partner is not only sexually interested in you but also attracted. Kisses from head to toe signal passionate love and a sign that he fell for you hard. They want to familiarise themselves with every inch of your body while being deeply intimate with you.

6. A Passionate Deep Kiss

A deep passionate kiss shows intensity, chemistry and devotion. It is a sign that your partner is into you both romantically and sexually. It is effortless to fake a peck on the cheek, but it is not easy to deep kiss someone they don't have feelings. How to French Kiss? Step-By-Step Guide to Kiss like A Pro.

If your partner is almost eating your face, it could mean that they want to have sex with you or they do not know how to kiss. If your partner is kissing slobbery, they would need a little more practice. But hey, there is always a scope to learn.