A kiss is a beautiful expression of love. It is a wonderful phenomenon to experience. It is not only confined as a symbol of love between couples but it can be exchanged between a parent and child too. And to celebrate the power of a kiss, National Kissing Day is celebrated every year in the United States of America on June 22. However, there is no specific significance for observing National Kissing Day. It is believed that the celebration of National Kissing Day was started in the United Kingdom and later, people of other countries started observing the day.

Although, right from the evolution of the earth and the living species, kissing has a history. According to the National Day 365 report, as per the historians, the act of kissing is almost similar to how the mammals feed their young ones. In the ancient Indian texts dating back to 1500BC, the historical reference of kissing is available. It is considered to be an act of rubbing and pressing the nose together. However, in recent days, people have discovered various other types of kisses, few are extremely gross. Here we have listed out 5 lesser-known types of kisses which can help you to spice up your make-out session.

Rainbow kiss

The rainbow kiss happens when a man goes down on a woman during her period and on the other hand, the woman gives a blow job at the same. And when the man ejaculates, the couple kisses each other while creating a rainbow mixture of semen and period blood inside their mouth. Rainbow Kiss Meaning: What is Rainbow Kink? What Does it Mean to Rainbow Someone? Is Rainbow Kiss Healthy?

Butterfly Kiss

A butterfly kiss is considered to be an affectionate gesture. To give a butterfly kiss, one needs to pull their partner’s face closer and flutter their eyelids rapidly while kissing each other.

Vampire Kiss

A vampire kiss is a deep kiss that involves sucking or biting a partner’s neck. It might leave a hickey; thus, before giving someone a vampire kiss one must take the consent of the other person.

Lizard Kiss

Lizard kiss is certainly unique but it is not for everyone. A lizard kiss is when the couple kisses each other by only touching tongues without touching the lips.

Melt Kiss

A melt kiss is when a person places a cube of ice in between their lips and starts kissing their partner. And they kiss each other until the ice completely melts in their mouth.

Now, we hope you can incorporate these types of kisses to spice up your make-out sessions. These types of kisses will surely make your partner feel special. Here's wishing all of you a very Happy National Kissing Day 2021.

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