Are you passionate about kissing your partner? If yes, then you must be well aware of a French kiss, ice kiss, and butterfly kiss but have you ever heard about ‘Rainbow Kiss’? Well, Rainbow Kiss is one of the complicated forms of kisses, we ought to say. A rainbow kiss happens when a man goes down on a woman during her period. Yes, while being in the most loved 69 positions, a woman gives a blowjob and the man keeps licking the vaginal area. Later, when the man ejaculates on the woman’s mouth, the couple kisses each other mixing menstrual blood and semen which creates a rainbow in their mouth. And if this is not gross then we don't know what exactly is gross!

What does the term Rainbow Kiss mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, the definition of Rainbow Kiss is: "The term refers to performing cunnilingus on a menstruating female, often followed by orally swapping semen and blood/other secretions. Nothing to do with homosexuals.”

What is Rainbow Kink?

There is nothing specifically known about the term Rainbow Kink; however, kinky sexual acts such as rainbow kiss, or rainbow play where the gross act of barfing can be considered as Rainbow Kink.

What does it mean to Rainbow someone?

To Rainbow, someone means when a man's mouth fills with period blood and he ejaculates inside a woman's mouth, they kiss creating a mix inside their mouth.

Is Rainbow Kiss Healthy?

A rainbow kiss may not be the healthiest thing to try with your partner, especially if you don't know each other properly. You must know about each other’s sexual health status before performing Rainbow Kiss as both period blood and semen can contain potentially infectious pathogens that may cause syphilis, hepatitis, HIV, and more.

If you still want to try performing rainbow kiss then you must take your partner’s consent as they might not comfortable with the kinky act of period blood and semen mixture. And also be sure whether you both are absolutely healthy or not before trying out Rainbow Kiss as it might transmit STIs and STDs.

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