Every year on July 6, International Kissing Day is celebrated. Dedicated to one of the best feelings in the world, on this day loved ones kiss each other. But when it comes to types of kisses, it can not always be the perfect french kiss, right? There are many types of kisses that exist in the world. However, there is no restricted list, because one can really get innovative with the liplock. BUT each type of kiss has something to say, only if you listen carefully. Yes, there are meanings to different types of kisses that exist in the world and since it is the International kissing day today, let us discuss some of the most interesting types of kisses and what they mean.

French Kiss

A passionate kiss that involves a lot of tongue contact is precisely what French kiss is all about. Not only is it extremely popular, but it is also one of the most important parts of foreplay. This kiss means that you want more than just kiss. This type of kiss is more sexual in nature than the rest.

Sloppy Smooches

Sloppy smooches usually start unexpectedly. These are the types of kisses that may end in sex but don't usually start with the same intention.

Kiss With Bites

If you love to bite while kissing, it means that you are extremely experimental in bed and are up to trying out anything with your partner as long as it sounds fun and innovative.

Devouring Kisses

You are high on hormones and really want to have sex with your person. It is one of the most intense types of kisses, where you eat each other up like there's no tomorrow.

Lip Shut Kiss

If you or your partner do not open your mouth enough during kissing, it means you are not interested in the kissing much. You just love the person enough to not disappoint them. It may also mean that the other person is not hygienic. Sometimes inexperience also makes people do this.

Kiss and Hold

This is one of the most special types of kisses that may also involve emotion. In this case, you shut your eyes, kiss and stay in the position for some time. This is usually because you want to hold on to the moment and the feeling.

Forehead Kisses

People usually give forehead kisses to the ones who mean a lot. This gives the impression of being protective and in love.

Well, whatever type of kiss you try out with your partner it should always be out of love and not to just please your partner. However, the current situation isn't quite feasible for kissing the one you love unless they live with you because we are amid a pandemic that is extremely contagious. If you are missing your partner, just keep patience OR listen to Soulja Boy and kiss them thru your phone!

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