Republic Day 2020 Decoration Ideas For Schools And Colleges: Simple And Easy Tips For Celebration With Tricolour (Watch Videos)
Republic Day 2020 School Decoration Ideas (Photo Credits: Renu's Craft World, Tiny Prints Art Academy YouTube)

Republic Day 2020 is almost here and preparations have already begun. The day is observed with large scale celebrations across the country. Schools, colleges and other educational institutions witnesses varying observances on the national festival. They decorate themselves beautifully in tricolour for the event. As Republic Day 2020 approaches, we have compiled a list of simple and quick decoration ideas for school. We bring to you easy school board and wall decoration tips to usher in the patriotic feeling this festive season. Republic Day 2020 Dance Performances For School Functions: Patriotic Songs and Ideas For Skits For Kids This National Festival.

Republic Day is observed on January 26 every year. It honours the day the Constitution was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949, and came into effect on January 26, 1950. Students make different items that portray the culture, tradition and customs of India. From paper flowers in the colours of saffron, white and green to birds and fans, varying decorative items are made and put on display in schools and colleges. It also includes DIY decoration ideas that are quick and simple to make. All you need are ribbons, craft paper and colour pens. Check out the DIY Republic Day decoration ideas below and make your artwork stand out. Republic Day Parade 2020 Tickets: Where And How to Book Tickets For January 26 Event at Rajpath in Delhi.

Republic Day 2020 Bulletin Board Ideas:

Republic Day Decoration Ideas:

Quick Tricolour School Decoration Ideas:

Easy Republic Day Decoration Ideas:

Simple Republic Day 2020 Decoration Ideas:

While these are some of the decoration ideas, you can use your creativity and enhance the look and feel of it. Schools and colleges celebrate Republic Day with varying festivities. After the flag hoisting ceremony in the morning, various programs are held throughout the day for students. Housing complexes also organise entertainment events for children.