Subho Kali Puja 2019 Wishes in Bengali: WhatsApp Stickers, Hike GIF Image Greetings, Facebook Photos, SMS & Quotes to Wish Your Friends a Happy Kali Pujo
Subho Kali Pujo (Photo Credits: File Image)

The festival season is here and the auspicious occasion of Kali Puja is being celebrated across the country on October 27. This festival is also known as Shyama Puja or Mahanisha Puja and is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is celebrated on New Moon Day during Diwali. Kali Puja 2019 Date & Significance: Pujo Vidhi, Shubh Muhurat Timings of Worshiping Goddess Kali During Diwali.

Kali is seen as a slayer of the forces of evil. Kali Puja usually falls on the Lakshmi Puja day of Diwali. While most people in India worship Goddess Lakshmi on the Amavasya Tithi during Diwali, people in West Bengal, Odisha worship Goddess kali. This festival is another important date in the calendar of the Bengalis and is mostly celebrated in West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Tripura, and Bangladesh.

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Subho Kali Pujo (Photo Credits: File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Subho Kali Pujo

Subho Kali Pujo (Photo Credits: File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Deepavalir Aloye Bhore Uthuk Tomar Jibon, Tomar ar Tomar Poribarer Shobaike Janae, Antorik Subecha o Obinondon, Subho Kali Pujo

Happy Kali Pujo (Photo Credits: File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Tara Mayer Kripa Thakuk, Sorboda Tomar Opor,

Asbe Joto Bipod Tomar, Niye Nebe Maa Nijer aopor, Pronaam koro, Dao Korotali, Bolo Sobai Joy Maa Kali, Joy Maa Kali, Subho Kali Pujo.

Subho Kali Pujo (Photo Credits: File Image)

WhatsApp Message Reads: Bondona Maa Kori Tomar, Joba di Maa Shoto Hajar, Ashish Dio Du Haath Vore, Rokkha Koro Anchol Diye, Tumi jodi shonge Thako, Bipod kichu thakbe nako, Subho Kali Pujo.

WhatsApp Message Reads: Rokkha Kali Maa Amar, Amra je Maa Chele Tomar, Ashish Tomar Thake Jeno, Bhul jeno na kori kokhun, Tomar Chayayai Thakte Je Chai, Joy Maa Kali Bolte Je Chai, Subho Kali Pujo.

Kali is worshipped at night offering red hibiscus flowers, animal blood in a skull, sweets, rice and lentils, fish and meat.  According to the Drikpanchang calendar, Kali Puja Nishita Time is 11:57 PM on October 27 to 12:47 AM on October 28. LatestLY wishes all its readers a very Happy Kali puja and Diwali 2019.