New Delhi, Sep 17: Vishwakarma Jayanti also known as Biswakarma is being celebrated today to mark the birth of Vishwakarma, a Hindu God and a divine architect who created this universe. On the occasion of Vishwakarma Jayanti, factory workers, artisans, mechanics and industrial workers worship their machines and equipment as Lord Vishwakarma is said to be the creator of the world and the one who created many magnificent weapons for the gods.

Vishwakarma Jayanti mainly observed in Karnataka, Assam, West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh where workers perform special Vishwakarma puja. The festival is celebrated on the Kanya Sankranti i.e. when the Lord Surya leaves Leo zodiac sign and enters Virgo sign. According to Hindu mythology and scriptures, Lord Vishwakarma was born because of sea churn (Samudra Manthan) which was carried out by Gods and Devils together. Vishwakarma Jayanti: History, Significance of The Birth of God of Architecture.

Lord Vishwakarma is said to be the creator of the whole world, which includes the Holy city of Dwaraka, Indraprastha, grand palace of the Pandavas in Mahabharata, Swarg Lok and Lanka. He designed Vajra, a powerful weapon carried by Indra. On Vishwakarma Jayanti, workers worship their machines and seeks blessings for the smooth functioning of their instruments and safe working conditions. Vishwakarma Jayanti Images and Wallpapers in HD for Free Download.

Idols and pictures of Lord Vishwakarma is installed in factories and offices to mark the day. Click here to know Vishwakarma Puja Timing and Puja Vidhi.

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