Easter, also known as Pascha or resurrection, is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated by the Christian community around the world. On Easter Sunday, an Egg hunt game is played in which decorated eggs, also known as Easter eggs, are hidden for children to find. Typically, hard boiled eggs dyed or painted, artificial eggs filled with candies and chocolates, or foil-wrapped egg chocolates are hidden in multiple places. Easter Sunday 2019 Date: Significance, History and Celebrations of Holy Week Related to the Christian Observance.

Often the game is played outdoors, but also can be played indoors. The kids usually collect the eggs and when the hunt is over, prizes are distributed for various achievements, such as the largest number of eggs collected, for most eggs of a specific colour, etc. Holy Week 2019: Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Every Day of Passion Week Before Easter Explained.

To enable kids to take part in egg hunts despite visual impairment, eggs have been designed that emit various clicks, noises, beeps or music. Nowadays, companies have made use of the popularity of Easter egg hunts to promote the sales of their chocolates and candy products.

Going to history, the egg was considered as a symbol of the rebirth of the planet in pre-Christian celebrations. The early Christians defined the egg as an Easter symbol as the egg symbol was compared to the tomb from which Christ arose. Is Easter Island Related to Easter Sunday? Know History and Facts.

Lizette Larson-Miller traces the custom of the Easter egg hunt to the Protestant Christian Reformer Martin Luther, stating "We know that Martin Luther had Easter egg hunts where the men hid the eggs for the women and children, and it probably has this connection back to this idea of eggs being the tomb."

Along with the amazing egg hunt game, food is also an integral part of Easter celebrations. Some popular dishes include scalloped potatoes, glazed ham, Easter biscuits, simnel cake, hot crossed buns, roast lamb, Easter pie and deviled eggs.

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