White Day is an annual celebration held in Japan, China, Korea and other Asian countries, which falls exactly one month after Valentine’s Day. Celebrated on March 14 year, this celebration gives people an opportunity to share reciprocal gifts with those who gave them some things on Valentine's Day. The tradition of the White Day celebration has been accepted and promoted by various countries and is a great way of keeping the celebration of love going, even after Valentine’s Day. Here’s everything you need to know about White Day 2021, how it is celebrated and its significance.

White Day 2021 Date

As mentioned above, White Day is celebrated on March 14 every year. So, White Day 2021 will also be celebrated on Sunday, March 14. The observance is extremely popular in various Asian countries and was started in 1978 in Japan.

How is White Day Celebrated?

Exactly one month after Valentine’s Day, those who received gifts from their loved ones take the wheel and let their partners know that they are loved, cherished and appreciated by sharing reciprocal gifts. The origin of White Day celebrations has an interesting story as well. It plays a key role in understanding the thought process of the White Day celebration.

History and Significance of White Day

Unlike the west, Valentine’s Day celebrations took quite some time to be popularised in Asian countries. In Japan, while efforts to celebrate Valentine’s Day started in 1930, it was only in the 70s that it gained momentum. At this time, only the women and girls gave gifts to the people they liked to mark Valentine’s Day. So on March 14, a marshmallow company ran a campaign motivating the guys who received gifts on Valentine’s Day to reciprocate this action by gifting marshmallows, and the idea of White Day was born.

The idea behind the White Day celebration is to reciprocate and express your feelings for your partners, which is often very difficult to find in partners in south Asian countries. Here’s hoping your White Day celebration is filled with fun surprises.

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