Year of 2020 saw a lot of trends, especially with people sitting at home almost for the entire year. A lot of people turned to cooking and trying out new things during the lockdown, but online deliveries also reveal some interesting statistics. Food delivery application Zomato gave a report of what people ordered most during the months of lockdown leading up to the end of the year. One thing's for sure, people love their Biryani and Pizzas. The search for Biryani recipes also surged during the months of lockdown. From the most expensive order to smallest order, what people searched on the app and what was the most delivered food, the company has revealed the food trends of 2020.

Biryani has offered most comfort to everyone in this year as well. Last year, Chicken Biryani was India's favourite food. As per the food delivery app's report, 22 orders of Biryani were delivered every minute of the year. And not just the non-veg, even veg biryani had equal liking. Close to 2 million veg biryanis were ordered this year. The second most ordered food item was pizza. From 4.5 lakh orders in May, there were over 17 lakh orders by November. In fact, one customer from Jalgaon in Maharashtra, ordered 369 pizzas this year! An interesting bit that was searched on the app was bat soup! So some curious souls did want to know if 'Coronavirus-origin' soup was being sold anywhere. There were 414 searches for the same.

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As you can see, a lot of people also chomped on momos this year, more in Delhi. The most expensive order on Zomato was nearly Rs 2 lakh! The order cost Rs 1,99,950, and availed a discount of Rs 66,650. In contrast, the smallest order cost just Rs 10.01 after a discount of Rs 39.99. The most favourite dessert was Gulab Jamun, with over one lakh in the week of Diwali alone.


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