You are not able to go for your bikini and Brazilian wax during the pandemic, and it is reasonable to resort to shaving to get rid of your pubic hair. Plus, if you do not want a sweaty mess down there, you will probably do anything to get rid of the hair around your vagina. But can shaving your pubic hair be the best practice? Here's why you need to think twice before getting your hands on the blade.

Shaving Makes Sex Less Pleasurable

While shaving your pubic hair may seem aesthetically right, there could be some downsides. The sweat glands in the pubic area secrete pheromones which stimulate yours and your partner's sexual desires. How to Soften Pubic Hair? From Hair Conditioner to Vitamin E Oil, These Genius Hacks will Make Your Pubes Smooth!

The pubic hair primarily locks the odour which attracts men. Lack of pubic hair would mean less pleasure as it fails to stimulate the sense of smell. Do You Shave Your Pubic Hair? Here Are Traditions that Women Follow Around the World.

Shaving Makes You Prone to Infections and STIs

Also, shaving can make you susceptible to various kinds of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. The pubic hair acts as a barrier to some sexually transmitted diseases like genital herpes and warts. Shaving can leave behind microscopic open wounds which may lead to bacterial infection and scarring. Pubic Hair Grooming Tips for Men to Follow Before Having Sex.

If you want to trim your pubic hair, there is no harm. You can do it at home to keep the area clean without shaving completely. Also, ensure that you keep your vagina clean with water and avoid using scented products and vaginal washes that can dry up your vagina.

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