Perineum Sunning is Latest Fad Among Instagram Influencers in Which People Are Exposing Their Bum to The Sun
Perineum sunning latest fad on Instagram (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Instagram has become a place of influencing these days and be it food, fashion, beauty or health, there are influencers in almost every field on the photo-sharing platform. And every few days there are certain trends that come up, after influencers recommend them. The latest trend among the influencers is 'Perineum Sunning.' The idea is to lie naked on the floor and then pull up your legs in direction of the sun, to expose your butthole to the sunlight! Yes, the idea is to expose the perineum, skin between the anus and the scrotum/vulva to the UV radiations of the sun. And people online are also confused about this "wellness" trend. Latest Instagram Trend Sees People Photoshopping Knuckles for That 'Hot Dog' Finger Look and It Is UNBELIEVABLE!

Instagram influencer Metaphysical Meagan who posted her picture and described the benefits of the practice has gone viral. Following her, several others followed suit and perineum sunning has soon become a trend among the so-called wellness experts on Instagram. As Meagan in her caption mentioned that this ancient practice has many benefits like surges of energy, better sleep, better connection to her sexual energy, and creativity. She mentions that even 30 seconds of exposure to the sun is enough. When a Twitter user shared this post on the micro-blogging platform, it went viral on the medium too. Moon Milk for Better Sleep, Here’s Why People Are Obsessing over This Wellness Trend On Instagram.

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Netizens thought it was really foolish of an idea and made more jokes than taking it seriously. Health experts are not too convinced by the idea of such sunning techniques. Dr Diana Gall recently told Insider, "There is no evidence that sunbathing in this way has any effect on physical wellbeing." She added that Vitamin D is necessary but it might damage the skin in the process of such exposure. She suggested there are much safer ways to get the vitamin and seek mindfulness, than sleeping about naked and getting sunlight to the butthole.