Self-Isolation During COVID-19 Pandemic: Bored of Cooking and Exercising? Here are Off-Beat Ways to Practice Self-Care to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Scented candles (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

We are almost in week two of self-isolation and social distancing, although that timeline is a little different for everyone. We are naturally going through a stressful time and spending a lot of time indoors also doesn't seem to help. However, we can make the best of the situation by focusing on our energy and self-care. While some may enjoy cooking, some may like painting their nails in a different colour every day. Whatever self-care looks to you, you must take some 'me' time right now. And if you still do not know what to pick, we got you some ideas.

Light Aromatic Candles

If you always appreciated the mood-boosting power of aromatic candles and you have reserved them for some special occasion, light them now to unwind. Have different sets of aromatic candles flickering throughout your apartment. Light something citrusy in the kitchen and floral in the bedroom to lift your mood. Older Adults and Coronavirus Pandemic: Adopt a Lonely Grandparent During Self-Isolation! Here's How You Can Comfort the Senior Citizens in Self-Quarantine.

Practice an Extensive Morning Beauty Routine

You must have always kept your morning routine minimal, but now that you do not have to rush to office, you can indulge in an extensive line-up filled with your most favourite products. A relaxing, morning skincare routine can instantly change your mood by giving you the boost that you need to take on the day.

Give Painting Your Nails a Break

It may sound like a reverse act of nailcare, but it can be a good idea to remove your nail paint while self-isolating. Let your tainted nails recuperate from years of pedicure and manicure to keep them well-hydrated. It may not be a typical mood-boosting activity, but it can give the most care to your nails.

Try Facial Massage

The silver lining of staying at home is that you can give more time to your regular facial massage. Starting your day with a massage can boost circulation and lift and tone your face. You will instantly see the results. Self-Isolating During COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Create a Work from Home Station That Won't Hurt Your Back and Neck.

Care for Your Foot

The one perk of self-isolating and social distancing is to give your foot some love. It is incredibly difficult to hide dead skin when you are trying to hide open-toed mules at the office, so now is the time to get a foot massage done. Coronavirus Pandemic: Ease Stress and Anxiety During the COVID-19 Outbreak with These CDC-Recommended Tips.

In the end, your skin is benefitting from this down-time. You are nourishing your lashes by not wearing mascara for weeks. By the end of it, your lashes will look longer and more luscious than ever.