If you think you only break a sweat when you are running or in the HIIT circuit, think again. While sweating is your body's natural way of keeping you cool, there are several reasons why we sweat? But are you sweating more than you normally would when you are home during the lockdown? You could be sweating more because of several reasons from what you eat, what you wear to how you feel. Read on to know more!

Your Emotions

We are all going through a roller coaster of emotions right now. Excessive stress, anxiety, anger and fear can be the root cause of sweating. Your body temperature increases in stressful situations. Remember how you have to wipe your sweaty palms when you are watching a horror movie? How to Overcome Suicidal Thoughts During COVID-19 Pandemic? Tips to Calm Down Your Anxious Mind During Isolation and Quarantine.

Your Clothes

If you are a sweater today than you were yesterday, it might be because of the fabric that you are wearing. Materials like nylon and polyester do not allow your skin to breathe. Cotton can absorb a large amount of moisture vapour and wick it away instead of making it drip down your top. Is Your Hair Greasier Than Normal During Quarantine? Here's What You Can Do to Reduce the Oiliness in Your Scalp!

Your Sleep Routine

Your sleeping habits could be causing those night sweats. Eating or exercising too close to bedtime can up your metabolism and increase your body temperature disrupting your sleep. Extra warm bedding or bedroom can also trap heat. So, be sure that you cool down the room temperature before you hit the sack.

Your Love For Coffee

It is not uncommon to get a little sweaty when you drink a lot of coffee. Caffeinated drinks can trigger perspiration. There's even a unique name for sweat while eating or drinking known as gustatory sweating. Love And Relationships Amid Lockdown: How to Keep Communication Going with Your Date During Quarantine?

Ways to Regulate Your Body Temperature

No one likes to soak through their favourite T-shirt. If you are struggling to keep your body temperature under control, doing a few simple things can boost your confidence. Curb your caffeine and alcohol intake, avoid spicy foods, and add stress-reduction techniques such as yoga, meditation to your daily routine.

Also, remember that the right fabric of clothes while sleeping, exercising and working can make all the difference in controlling your body swear

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