Why Am I Always Tired? Science Lists 6 Reasons Why You Are Drained
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Find yourself tired and yawning a lot in the middle of an active day? Google shows “why am I tired all the time?” is one of the most searched questions starting with a why. While the immediate answer to this is linked to lack of sleep the night before, there are a lot of things that contribute to your state throughout the day. Do you always ask yourself why you’re tired even though you had a good night’s sleep? If yes, we might have the answer to your question. Protein Shake Side Effects Kill Australian Woman, Mother Demands Regulation of Nutritional Supplement.

The question “why am I tired all the time” is googled 40,500 times every year, globally. So, if you thought you’re the only one, you’re not. Here are 6 reasons why you might be tired all the time and how to tackle these issues. Not Losing Weight? 6 Signs You Are Getting Fitter Even If The Scale Doesn’t Budge.

1. Diet

In today’s life, junk food and fast food have become a staple. But these are not only harming our weight and body, but this could be the reason why you’re always tired. Your calorie intake plays a very important and has to be balanced with your age and your daily work out. Switch to low-calorie meals. Change bread with brown and multigrain bread, switch to low-fat dairy products, add vegetables and fruits to your daily diet. Cut down sugar as much as you can. Make sure you eat a hefty breakfast. This will give you the energy to get through your day.

2. Sedentary Lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle is when an individual doesn’t get enough physical activities. If your lifestyle involves just sitting or lying most the time, it’s time to change that. A sedentary lifestyle makes a person tired easily and has a lot more negative impacts on your health. If you have a desk job or a lifestyle where you cannot incorporate any physical activities throughout the day, try to walk more or squeeze in some 10-15 minutes work out early morning. Work out in the morning as it keeps you energetic throughout the day. Working out also triggers your endorphins which makes you happy.

3. Anaemia

Anaemia is a health condition where you don’t have enough healthy blood cells to carry oxygen to your body. This causes a lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen makes you tired. Anaemia can be temporary or long-term. Doctors prescribe vitamins for this and proper medication can help you with this. You can try meditating and breathing exercises. Some simple yoga can help.

4. Side Effects of Medications

Almost every medicine has some side effect. If you’re on some medication and notice you're always tired, it could be the medication. If you believe it’s from the medicine, ask your doctor for a counter medication for the fatigue.

5. Dehydrated

One of the common and yet the most ignored reason is dehydration. Our body needs hydration throughout the day to function properly. Try to drink at least two litres of water a day. Include fruits and vegetables with high water content in your diet to get your daily dose of hydration. And always drink a glass of water right after waking up.

6. Day Naps

Napping during the day time can mess up your sleep schedule at night. This was if you don’t complete the required hours of sleep every night, it will leave you tired and exhausted even before you start the day. Avoid daytime naps and try going to bed early instead. This will make sure you wake up fresh.

Depression and anxiety could also contribute to you being tired. Depression does not mean sad. If you consult a therapist, you may find out you suffer from tiredness due to facts like this. And if you’ve tried numerous things to battle the fatigue, we recommend seeing a doctor.