World Kidney Day: How Herbs Can Help Treat Kidney Diseases Naturally
Herbs for kidney (Photo Credits: Max Pixel| PNG Tree)

New Delhi, Mar 13: Dialysis is a way of life for many patients suffering from kidney ailments in the country. In view of limited options for treatment of the kidney disease in allopathy, experts representing the traditional medical system claimed on the eve of the World Kidney Day that herbs could slow the disease's progression and offer relief from the symptoms, along with careful diet and exercise.

Two recent scientific studies have claimed that herbal formulations, based on traditional medicinal plants like punarnava, could be effective in preventing and managing ailments related to the kidney. Tips to Care for Your Kidney after Transplantation.

According to a study, a woman suffering from kidney ailment was given punarnava-based syrup for a month, significantly bringing the creatinine and urea level in her blood to a healthy level.

Besides, her haemoglobin level had also improved, concluding that the punanarva-based drugs not only improve the functioning of the kidney but also improve haemoglobin level.

The study, conducted at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU), was published in the World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals Science in 2017.

Another study published in the Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, too, stated the efficacy of the punarnava-based herbal formulations, including lotus leaves, patharchur and other major herbs when given to the subjects. Ladies, Did You Know That Kidney Diseases Kill More Women Than Men? Here are 5 Steps to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy.

It was found that the drug had helped in maintaining the histological parameter of kidneys, apart from reducing high levels of uric acid and electrolytes.

"The syrup (Neeri KFT) is a potent neuroprotective formulation, protecting kidneys from nephrotoxins, including oxidative damage induced by lead acetate," the study said.

Head of Department of the BHU's Department of Dravyaguna, K N Dwivedi, said the herbal formulations in Neeri KFT could be an alternative to dialysis to some extent. "In fact, because of limited options in allopathy for kidney treatment, which is witnessing increasing trend due to changing lifestyles, now the emphasis is on Ayurveda drugs."

Senior nephrologist from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Manish Malik said the scope of treatment of kidney ailments in allopathy were limited, costly and not fully successful as well.

Hence, Malik said, balanced diet and ayurvedic cost-effective drugs like Neeri KFT based on herbs like punarnava could help all those kidney patients who are under the regular dialysis.

Sanchit Sharma, executive director of Aimil Pharmaceuticals, which is engaged in manufacturing and marketing of herbal drug Neeri KFT, said it was after numerous tests that this formulation had been developed to provide relief to kidney patients.