People who are full of dedication and will turn their passion into a career. We have many exceptional examples, especially celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Ayushmann Khurrana and several others. They gave their best into acting and are the most loved artists in the country. A similar commitment is required in other fields that help dreamers to attain their goals. Sunil Sharma, a fitness trainer of Madhya Pradesh's Gwalior city, is an apt example.

From his teenage days, Sunil developed a deep interest in fitness. He would work out daily to maintain a healthy physique. In no time, his love for fitness and knowledge about all the workout and exercises gave him confidence that he can make a career out of it. Ever since the 28-year-old fitness enthusiast made up his mind, he has not looked back. In fact, Sunil has shown prominent growth and made an influence on many youngsters like him.

Today, Sunil Sharma is not only a fitness trainer but also a fitness model and influencer. He is the founder of DFT Crossfit Sport Gym, which has changed the lives of thousands of people so far. Sunil shares a lot of his workout videos and exercise tips on his social media pages. All this helped him grow popular among the masses online, and people often message him and ask queries about workout and diet. The fitness influencer has collaborated with many big fitness brands so far.

About his love for fitness, Sunil Sharma says, "I believe everyone should work out at least for a few minutes daily. It is not about losing weight but having a healthy body. I learned the benefits of exercises during my teenage days, and I loved what giving a few minutes or an hour workout can do! We all need to take care of our body just the way we do for our loved ones."