Kerlens Casseus is a true rags to riches success story that will inspire you, no matter what life threw your way. This is someone who went from fighting $50,000 in debt to becoming a successful multiple six-figure earner. We'll run through how he was able to accomplish such an extraordinary turnaround for himself.

Today, he’s a credit repair specialist who helps people get their buying power back. He also assists people in becoming successful entrepreneurs who have the freedom to work from home. Kerlens has the unique perspective of being able to help people who have lost a great deal and who want to gain it back, and then some. After all, his story involves being fired from a comfortable job and fighting $50,000 worth of debt.

What helped Kerlens transcend the depths of despair he felt at moments when he lost his job and faced mounting debt was hope. This was the fuel that got him out of the painful situation he found himself in. His hope led him to become someone who asked for help from a Higher Power and immediately received motivation to change his life circumstances.

His determination led him to understand why he was in debt and how the credit industry works. By understanding the forces that bound him, he was able to liberate himself. It’s quite fitting that today, he is a successful entrepreneur in the credit industry who helps others with repairing credit. 

He's been there, which is what makes him such an ideal source of help. He lived through having lousy credit due to the loss of his job and going into severe debt. By deeply understanding the intricacies of what it takes to repair credit, he managed to return to the good standing he once held.

Kerlens believes that anyone can achieve success like he did, regardless of their current situation. There is nothing you cannot come back from, especially financially. Even those who may believe they don’t have opportunities can tap into ways to turn it all around. If you fall into that group, then Kerlens can help you uncover what those opportunities are.

Kerlens has figured out a sure-fire way to improve your credit history, even if it's dropped significantly. However, he isn't just all talk. On his Instagram profile, he posts proof that his methods work to boost the credit scores of his clients, as well as himself. There are even success stories where his clients have seen their credit scores shoot up hundreds of points! He puts his money where his mouth is because he's ultimately not in it for the money. What he wants, above all else, is to help people get out of the same or similar situations he found himself in as well.