Yasmin Kolahan has made a big mark for herself in the dentistry field. It was a childhood dream she wanted to achieve and she made it come true. But her path wasn't an easy one. From childhood to adulthood, there have been many changes in her life, especially at personal level.

Yasmin Kolahan was born in Italy. But a few years ago, she had to shift to Iran with her family. Everything she had planned in Italy had to change and adapting to a new place took time. But Yasmin didn't stop. She knew she wants to be a dentist and worked hard on it. She completed her high school and scored very well in the experimental field. Post that, she studied dentistry in a renowned university. For the same, Yasmin had to leave Iran so that she can pursue her career.

Yasmin Kolahan passed her dentistry exams with flying colours. She has always been a bright student. After completing the course, she returned to Iran. But she decided not to work for someone else. Instead, she started her own clinic.

In just 3 years, with all the good work she did, Yasmin became popular. Today, she is one of the most successful women dentist in Iran. About the same, she said, "I always wanted to work. Being a dentist makes me happy. Helping people makes me happy so in a way, I know here also, I am doing the same. Also, I wanted to make me and my parents proud and I did that."