Jaime Manteiga is the Co-founder and CEO of Taptok and Venkon Corp and is one of the top Information Security Professionals and Researchers from the US.

The world we are living in right now is something we had not imagined a year back. Many things have changed ever since the pandemic struck, which led to the evolution of industries across the world. As more dependence on digital platforms increased, more cases of cyber-attacks and phishing attempts were also recorded. Criminals have been trying their best to breach the systems of businesses and organizations, whether small or big and have been trying to affect people and the systems. Jaime Manteiga is a prominent personality in the IT world. He serves as one of the top Information security professionals and Researchers who has been assisting organizations in improving their information security posture and cybersecurity challenges across the globe.

Jaime Manteiga is the founder of Venkon Corp, a leading computer and network security firm based in Miami and is also the founder of TapTok, a modern-day approach for contact sharing Technologies. For over a decade, this youngster, a Cuban-American technology entrepreneur, has been into IT consulting and cybersecurity. He holds public recognition as well from Tesla, Shopify, United Airlines and Spotify, helping them identify and mitigate the flaws in information security. Below are a few strategies that Jaime Manteiga lays for small businesses that they can use to avoid data breaches.

• Know the risks: Jaime Manteiga can't emphasize enough on this point, where he explains that it is imperative for all the small businesses out there to know and acknowledge the value of their data and take necessary actions to protect the same. First, they must review what kind of data they are collecting and storing. They must also understand where they are storing their sensitive information.

• Focus resources in the right direction: Just like large businesses, small businesses also hold an enormous amount of data. Hence, businesses must identify the most sensitive and valuable information and focus the security resources in that direction.

• Limit data access to employees: Most of the employees in small businesses can access stored information, right from financial data to personal records. One of the best strategies, according to Jaime Manteiga, is to match the network access permissions to the requirements of the job duties of the employees. He says that if an employee doesn't need any access to sensitive data, they must not be given at all. Employees represent as an easy target and hackers view them as the weakest link. Hence, raising employee awareness is also important.

Jaime Manteiga is well-known for developing and testing IT Security architectures and also holds professional certifications CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker), MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor). He has also been bestowed with Spotify Hall of Fame, Tesla Hall of Fame and Shopify Research Award.