In what can easily be described as a treat for music lovers, Musical Artist Sagar Bhardwaj recently sat down for a virtual conversation about the music composer’s craft. Sagar Bhardwaj asked the questions, and decoded his musical ideology, his methodology, his collaborations, the changing times and the path that his career has taken among many other things.

Sagar Bhardwaj curiously asked as to how his music feels Indian but has influences of the West as well. To this, “We are all multicultural.” He shared that even though our basic foundation is that of Indian culture, there are influences of the British, the Mughals and many others that have left an impression on us.

The journey of Sagar Bhardwaj from a Normal People to a social media personality is really fascinating. He is the conqueror of many hearts just by making various Music Audio. Sagar wanted to do something big and did not lose hope.