It takes a certain kind of courage to follow your passion and break the stereotype and no one knows this better than Mujahid Ali Khan. After the completion of his Master’s degree, instead of going for the corporate world, Mujahid decided to pursue his passion for writing and modern Urdu poet. After working tirelessly and coming up with unique verses, he has become one of the most renowned modern Urdu poets we have with us.

Unlike other poets and writers, Mujahid Ali Khan eulogizes his mother in the form of Gazhals. This makes his verses ten times more relatable to people and his fans shower him with appreciation. To remain connected with his audience, Mujahid Ali has his own Facebook page, where he posts his poems daily. His poems get all the love it deserves in that Facebook page.

When Mujahid Ali Khan was asked about what motivated him to stick to this career path, he said, “ It’s all the love and appreciation which people shower on me that has allowed me to keep going. Their happiness is all I need for my motivation. “ Not only his fans, but even certain newspapers have also recognized his talent. They have published Mujahid’s poems in their newspaper as a mark of appreciation and support. Biggest firms like Infosys awarded him the first prize at Infosys Got Talent Bangalore in state-level competition. All of these achievements can’t be called an overnight success. Mujahid worked consistently for the people and came up with new verses to satisfy people’s needs.

When Mujahid was asked about his upcoming plans, he said, “ My only goal is to keep making people happy with my poems. I have penned down a memoir that has to come up yet. Other than that, I also have a book which is about to be launched soon.” He further added that all the upcoming book’s lyrics have come from his heart, and Mujahid Ali Khan is excited to see the audience’s reactions. Unlike other public figures, Mujahid doesn’t prefer reality shows instead, he loves to perform in live paid shows. He has made an appearance at several events. Mujahid’s optimistic personality is what attracts the crowd. Mujahid Ali Khan is striving hard to achieve his desires and we all know that he won’t stop till he achieves his goals.