New Year Resolutions And The Art of Keeping Them Alive: Tips to Stick to These Most Commonly Made And Broken Promises In 2019
New Year Resolutions 2019 (Photo credits: Pixabay)

It's that time of the year again when you're probably sitting down and thinking about your New Year resolutions. They'll be thought over, they'll be made and celebrated, only to be broken by most of us. Let's face it, how many of us really stick to our new year resolutions? In fact, we lose the plot pretty early in the year. So while we ponder over the promises that we are making ourselves for 2019, let's first sit and decide to keep them alive through the year and turn them into reality.

I Will Lose Weight

This is definitely the most commonly made and most commonly broken New Year solution. Many of us decide on joining the gym or losing weight in the coming year and end up probably gaining and just being the same. Most of these resolutions are broken simply because they're too weight. To stick to this plan, first, you've got to give this resolution some precise numbers. Also, breaking it down and getting a mid-year resolution would help too. Christmas & New Year Feasting: Here's How Binge Drinking and Eating During the Holidays Affects Your Health More than You Think.

The Numbers: The biggest mistake you're making is telling yourself 'I'll lose weight' and leave it just that. How much weight would you lose? Would it be healthy? How much time would you lose that weight in? All that should be part of your resolution to make sure you stick to it. Basically, tell yourself that you'll lose 5 kgs in the first 6 months of 2018. When you're done with those 5 kgs, it's time for the next 2-3 kgs in the remaining year. Keep this realistic. Don't tell yourself you'll lose 5 kgs in 2 months. That would mean you'll starve for these two months and then binge the remaining months and those 5 kgs would return in no time. When you say 5 kgs in 6 months, you're keeping room for weekend cravings, for weddings in the family, for a festive binge, for lazy vacationing and all that.

Another hurdle is "joining the gym". You'd rather first change your lifestyle than depending on that gym. Start sleeping early and waking up early. Take small walks, take the stairs instead of elevators or escalators. It's only when we mend our routine that we can think about these weight-related New Year resolutions. Been there, done that. I wasted a year-long gym membership, and ended up losing weight without one. I ran early morning, practised yoga. Now, I'm at a point where I can commit myself to a gym membership.

Also, buy a weighing machine for your home and check your weight on the 1st of every month. Mark that on a calendar that's right next to your bed. These are some things that would help you stick to your resolution.

I Will Save Money

If that money continues to remain in your salary account, trust me, there are very few who would succeed in saving that. When you decide on saving money in 2019, sit down with a pen, paper and calculator. Again, no vague saving money promises. Let's do this precisely. Towards the end of December of 2018, sit down and calculate as to how much of your income per month are you saving. Schedule auto transfers to things like Mutual Funds, RDs or a separate account that you won't touch. If you're saving for holidays, ideally do it in the form of RDs. If you are thinking of saving by "not spending enough", you're doing it the wrong way. We are prone to spending money when we know we have access to it. The idea is to save it in a place from where we can't immediately withdraw, automatically and the spendings are cut down on their own. Celebrating 2019 New Years Eve in Rajasthan's Luxurious Properties Could Cost Rs 11 Lakh or More!

These are two of the most commonly made and broken New Year resolutions. We really hope these suggestions help and you're able to stick to both of these in 2019. There are more resolutions like "I would cut out toxic people from my life" and "I will get into a relationship" or "Get out of a relationship". These resolutions require focus and conviction on your part and also getting a hold of your emotions. What's your resolution and how do you plan to stick to it? Do share with us in the comments section below. Happy New Year, people. Good luck with your New Year 2019 resolutions.