From winning an Emmy to going viral on TikTok with over 15 million views, Caden Turner’s career is on the ascent. The multi-talented artist won his Emmy after directing and starring in The Broadcast Civil War, a burlesque of the blockbuster Marvel film we all know and love. Turner also wrote the screenplay and choreographed all of the action sequences within the film.

Although these lofty achievements would satisfy almost anyone, they were not enough for the St. Louis native, who was recently flown in to New York City after receiving multiple offers to collaborate following his viral TikTok success. Turner is now officially a resident of New York, and is currently working on numerous film projects, as well as new music with recently signed artist Aryaan Arora.

Fortunately, we were able to get ahold of the young actor and ask him a few questions about his impressive accomplishments and future endeavors.

Q: How long did it take for you and your team to complete The Broadcast Civil War?

A: Surprisingly, writing the screenplay was the most time-consuming part of the process. Although we only had three people —including myself—for a film crew, we still wanted to capture the same experience and feelings found in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And since our budget was nowhere near Hollywood’s usual eight figures, there were a lot of revisions made throughout production. The entire project took around 3 to 4 weeks to complete.

Q: What was your reaction to winning your first ever Student Emmy Award?

A: I was absolutely mind blown. You never really think that what you’re doing is going to make such an enormous impact. When my crew and I sit back and create a film, we aim to express ourselves through art, not win such high honors. We always want to top our previous projects, and, of course, have fun.

Q: How has life been following your viral TikTok success?

A: Naturally, the overwhelming amount of attention and requests from my followers have had an impact on my everyday life. But apart from that, not much has changed. I’m just excited to see that so many people relate to my style of content.

Q: Is it true that you are in talks with a leading record label?

A: It is true that I am in talks with a number of labels, but due to my non-disclosure agreements, I cannot reveal any further details at this time.

Q: What does the future of Caden Turner look like?

A: Ever since moving to New York, my life has completely changed for the better. Let’s just say that there is a lot in store, and my followers will definitely be satisfied.