Pornhub 2019 Year in Review: US Leads The List of Top 20 Countries by Traffic on the Adult Website, India Falls 12 Places Down
Pornhub Top 20 Countries by Traffic on Pornhub (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

As the year comes to an end, Pornhub has released data pertaining to the likes of the adult-site users across countries. In 2019 Year in Review, the site revealed that they set 42 billion visits to the site which is an average of 115 million visits a day. According to Pornhub, the number of searches has also increased by 8.7 billion as compared to last year. The list also includes names of the top 20 countries that gave the adult website the most number of views.  The United States tops the list of the countries followed by Japan and then the United Kingdom. However, India which was at the third place in 2018 has fallen 12 positions down. The decline in the usage is due to the temporary ban placed on porn sites in India. Trial Comes to an End; Verdict on the XXX Porn Website Scam to Come Soon.

Meanwhile, Japan moved two positions up in the past year. The traffic from Japan accounted for some of the top searches with 'Japanese' moving to the top spot. Thailand moved six positions up from 2018 accounting to 79 percent of Pornhub's daily traffic. Other countries in the list include France, Germany, Italy, Philippines, Australi, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, Netherlands and Poland. Ukraine, Thailand, Russia, Argentina and Sweden also made in the top 20 list. Pornhub Year in Review 2019: XXX Searches from Amateur, Alien and POV to Apex Legends, ASMR and Femdom That Defined the Year.

Top 20 Countries by Traffic on Pornhub

Pornhub Top 20 Countries by Traffic (Photo Credits: Pornhub)

In 2019 'India' and 'Indian college girls' were India's most popular searches. Words like 'Indian Hindi audio', 'milf' and 'massage' saw an increase in searches. Sunny Leone is India's top pornstar followed by Mia Khalifa and Dani Daniels.