Ladies, we’ve all had married friends, who, at one point, have wanted to go back to their dating life when things were uncomplicated. Sure, marriages are beautiful but they’re also a lot of work. It’s about living with someone who has a completely different set of rules and is brought up with different conditioning. Another reason why marriages need to be worked upon is boredom. Living with the same person, under one roof for a long time, can sure bore the hell out of you both. And that’s completely normal. Wedding Night Sex Tips: Skip Intercourse and Do These Hot Things Instead to Make Your Suhagraat Special. 

There comes a phase in every married couple’s life where they tend to realise how monotonous the relationship has become. Initially, the sole purpose of being together was to have fun and make memories but over time, we all happen to slip into our comfort zones, which in turn can make the relationship uncomfortable. How? Because you start losing the passion and the excitement you had and settle for it. However, for every relationship (and as individuals too) to grow and evolve is crucial. Hence, keeping the spark alive after marriage is what makes it a passionate marriage. How does one do that? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Flirt with your partner

Romance is so underrated, especially after marriage. To reignite the fire, flirt with your partner like you used to in the initial days. Get them into the ‘mood’, seduce them, compliment them or just say something cheesy!

Good sex

Good sex also means experimenting in the bedroom. Try on different sex toys or fruits and foods or maybe even BDSM if that’s what interests you as a couple. Break the monotonous sex routine and build some erotic tension and make love-making a passionate affair.

Reconnect and rebuild

When you met your partner, you were both different people and wanted different things and now, after marriage, you’ve both changed individually. What’s important is to discuss your goals, ideas, expectations and future and reconnect with your partner, hereby rebuilding the core foundations of your relationship.

Work on the chemistry or intimacy

By intimacy, we don’t just mean sexual chemistry but also emotional, mental and intellectual intimacy. Sharing an emotional bonding with your partner will indeed make you both happy and hereby help rekindle the lost spark in your relationship.

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