How To Arrange Sex Dates Online With Your Partner During Quarantine! 5 Things You Didn't Know About WebCam Sex
How to have online sex date (Photo Credits: Unsplash)

It is time when you need to stay at home for a greater good. Social distancing is of prime importance currently to stop the spread of coronavirus. Which means it is vital to observe self-quarantine and also that sex with a partner whom you are not quarantined with is off the table! But does that mean you have to completely shun the idea of sexual stimulation and intimacy? Definitely NOT! One of the great ways to enjoy some sexy time with the partner you can't meet is by setting up an online sex date. Yes! It doesn't just have to be done with the intention of getting an orgasm, but it can also help your relationship emotionally! Here are a few things to keep in mind: Love Sending Nudes While Sexting? Tips To Send Hot Naked Pics To Your Boyfriend. 

Fix a Time and Make Arrangements

Talk to your partner and make it big, as big as it is currently possible for you. Fix a time and make arrangements. Get your sex toys, lube and BDSM tool if you like it that way. Cybersex Tips: From Hot Webcam Sex To Online Dirty Talking, 5 Things To Keep In Mind!

Sexting Is Important

You have to set the mood beforehand. You can do that by sexting throughout the day. Right from dirty talking to sending across nudes, it is all about turning on your partner.

Choose The Sex Positions

Yes did you know there is some long-distance sex position that you can try! Set the angle of cameras in a way that works for you. Long-Distance Sex Positions: Partner Lives Far Away? Ditch Porn and Try out These Ways to Get the Best Orgasm. 

Include Porn

You can make use of porn if nothing else works. Play XXX sex videos to make your date interesting. You can choose from soft porn to the hardcore ones, whatever you like!

Mutual Masturbation

If you cannot try out any long-distance sex position, you can try out mutual masturbation. any people swear by the sex act. All you have to do is masturbate together with your partner and watch each other orgasm.

Cybersex, also known as online sex, internet sex, netsex or cybering is one way you can sexually stimulate yourself and your partner virtually during the quarantine.