Wife Doesn't Satisfy Me in Bed, Should I Tell Her She's Bad at Sex?
Sex (Photo Credits: The Noun Project)

Unsatisfying sex can be a big deal-breaker for most relationships. Sure, feelings and emotional connections matter too but if the sex is bad, there are high chances of your partner walking out of the relationship sooner or later. It takes a great deal of effort to understand what your partner likes in bed. Sex doesn't just happen as quickly as it's shown in movies. To understand what your partner likes/ dislikes in bed, you need to try out different things and be more vocal about it. Sex Tip of The Week: Create Sexual Tension Before You Do It.

If you've been having an unsatisfying sex life and wish to raise it with your partner without hurting her sentiments, let us tell you - that's never gonna happen! It is going to hurt her/ his ego when you bring it up. But that doesn't mean you don't raise it. Like Dan said, you can't say “honey I love you, but you aren't satisfying me in bed” without hurting someone's feelings. Most people's egos would take a dent at hearing that. How to Finger Your Girl for an Orgasm She Won't Forget: 'Handy' Fingering Tips for First-Timers.

A Quora user has a similar query where he wants to tell his wife that he isn't happy with their sex life. Well, if she's your wife, chances are she will try and understand your point and work on it. If you don't want to hurt her feelings, you could simply "guide" her and tell her the things you want her to do while having sex. And for that, you need to know your body. Once you have a clarity of what good sex means to you, you'd probably be able to explain it better to her.

When you address your issues to her, and if she really does consider your feelings, instead of being offended by it, she would rather work on making the sex better for you both. Just as you both satisfy each other emotionally and mentally, physical satisfaction is equally important too. And if one of the spouses isn't sexually satisfied, the other one has to make the effort to make it a desirable experience or else the chemistry will just fizzle out eventually.

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