Health is the biggest asset in life, as it brings happiness to everyone. Money can get you almost everything but not life. This is why one should stay healthy to enjoy his/her life to the fullest. If you also believe in this mantra and want to stay fit, you should start following Saloni Kapoor, India’s top fitness and lifestyle influencer.
Born in Delhi, Saloni is a dreamer and believer. Once she has set her eye on something, she never gives up. This mantra led to her being so successful in the modeling business. Her talent and beauty impressed everyone when she was doing modeling. However, after spending some time in showbiz business she decided to do something for the greater good. That’s when she decided to help the society by encouraging people to stay healthy and leading the way. Her fitness posts soon started getting lots of attention from the fans.
Not only fitness, but Saloni is also a fashion coach. Due to her deep understanding of all the latest trends and fashion, she has been able to inspire countless people with topnotch content. Currently, she enjoys a huge fan following on social media.
Saloni is also a believer in helping people in need. That’s one of the main reasons, she is very involved in feeding the stray dogs and wishes to open an NGO. She has also stayed true to her roots and tries to help women to overcome their fear and achieve success in their lives.
Her road to success has not been an easy ride. She had to go through a lot. She had faced many hurdles along the way, but she keeps going no matter how the worse situation became. Her grit and dedication towards her goal, kept her going.
Saloni has received tremendous success in such a short time. However, she feels this is just the beginning and she has a long way to go. Looking at her determination and hardship she puts in her work, she is destined to take her success to new heights.