As the Internet has become the fabric of society, aspiring women have achieved business success using social media such as YouTube and Instagram. The path to becoming a woman entrepreneur can be difficult, but the unique role of social media in their business strategy is a key success factor.

Social media is an invaluable tool in helping companies build brand awareness and a customer base. Women-owned businesses should also use it to highlight the unique aspects of their business. In large women's communities, women can now communicate with each other to promote, network, support and access each other's businesses from the comfort of their own homes. This is something they could never have done on this scale without social media.

"Women tend to speak better than men," said Jeff Gibbard, chief social strategist at the digital agency I'm From the Future. "They tend to be more expressive and emotional. It doesn't surprise me why more and more women business owners are using social media. "Women often communicate better than men, in line with the online world where they are more likely to use social media effectively.

Some businesswomen, like Keshia Rush, the famous YouTuber and CEO of Rush Entertainment Group, are turning their social media into big business. Keshia Rush has 6 million YouTube subscribers and tons of Instagram followers. She is an inspiring and ambitious woman and has a great goal to make her content valuable to herself and society. Her content is family-friendly and fun. The entire Rush family is a content generator; Keshia Rush husband, Tray Rush and children Cali Rush, Kirah Rush, Kameiro Rush also makes videos with her. These amazing children have their own Youtube channel where they post gaming content.

With no experience in fashion or business before starting the Rush Entertainment Group, Keshia Rush believes that much of his hard-earned success cannot accept failure as an option. "The people who said no to me were the people who ended up saying yes to me," she adds.

According to Keshia Rush, here's what women entrepreneurs need to know about how to use social media to reach and grow their businesses in key markets during these unprecedented times in which we all navigating.

Social media is a key tool for many women entrepreneurs for a number of reasons. First, it is affordable. On some social media platforms, women can organically reach their target audience and find new clients or buyers without paying for expensive ad campaigns. Women also use social media as a branding tool. By consistently posting and sharing everything from product photos to testimonials, women entrepreneurs know how to build customer trust and loyalty with social media sites, often bypassing the need for costly marketing campaigns. Brands such as Flat Tummy Co, Thinx, and Glossier have achieved much of their success through targeted marketing campaigns that highlight real women and the challenges they face.

"Everyone wants the decision to be easy or timely, but it never will. Get the job done. Prove that you will continue to do the work when you are the only one in your corner. Then do it. "

Experienced businesswomen such as Keshia Rush know that social media can serve many purposes simultaneously - marketing, branding, and even customer service. These are just a few of the ways you can use popular networking platforms to build your customer base and run your business successfully. That's why these ambitious women are turning their social media into big business.